Coffee Shop Printer Kiosk - Navitor

Our product development team decided to propose installing printer kiosks in large coffee shop chain. 

I was tasked with designing two kiosk options using a specific printer and payment hardware. To put the kiosk renderings into context, I looked for an open corner to photograph, but soon discovered that coffee shops don't have open corners. Every square foot in a coffee shop needs to be generating revenue! As a result, I needed to photoshop away all of the clutter, and I'm quite proud of the result. I was not sure if the coffee shop owners would want the kiosk to attract attention or blend in, so I drew one concept for each approach. 


Retail Store Kiosks - Navitor

There were several projects where I needed to produce some kiosk concepts very quickly and then generate imagery that could be used in a slideshow presentation. The images needed to be easy for laypeople to read including scale, materials, branding, and overall feel.  To that end I generated some quick form studies in Sketchup, saved out a few views as underlays, and drew on top of these using Autodesk SketchBook Pro.