Desk Pad for the Information Age - Navitor

“Jason, I need you to flesh out an idea I have and create a drawing I can use for a presentation in two days.” 

Ok, no problem. 

A member of my product development team came to me with an idea to update the traditional leather desk blotter for the modern era. He had a list of features he wanted it to have, but not much else. I quickly photographed a variety of work areas and sketched on top of the photos in order to play around with scale and form factor. It soon became clear that there is a huge variety of desk arrangements! As a result, I decided a simple rectangular footprint was best. After a little iteration, I came up with a concept that was manufacturable, attractive, and contained all the requested features. After drawing a rendering of the concept in a laptop and desktop configuration, the project owner had what he needed to present the idea to the decision makers. Based on that presentation the project was funded, resulting in several new products going to market.